WrestleMania Monday

Out on:Blu-Ray 3rd April 2017
DVD 3rd April 2017

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The RAW after WrestleMania has become one of the most anticipated nights in sports-entertainment. New Superstars emerge, familiar faces return, and the WWE Universe feels the fallout from The Showcase of the Immortals. For the first time ever, get a behind-the-scenes look and follow both WWE Superstars and spectators alike as they experience one of WWE’s most exciting events of the year.



Raw - April 3, 1996
Mankind vs. Bob "Spark Plugg" Holly

Raw – March 30, 1998
X-Pac Returns to WWE and Joins D-X

Raw - April 3, 2000
WWE European Championship Match
Chris Jericho vs. Eddie Guerrero

Raw – March 18, 2002
N.W.O. Betrays Hulk Hogan

Raw – March 31, 2003
Goldberg Debuts in WWE

March 31, 2008
Ric Flair's Retirement Speech

April 2, 2012
Brock Lesnar's WWE Return

April 8, 2013
World Heavyweight Championship Match
Alberto Del Rio vs. Dolph Ziggler

Plus more action, extras, and Blu-ray exclusives!

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WrestleMania has become so much bigger than just the show itself. Now it’s a near week-long event that looks forward to for a whole year. The Raw after WrestleMania is one of the most anticipated nights from WrestleMania week.

It’s always exciting, with a perfect storm of earth-shattering events, a fired-up crowd, and incredible action from WWE’s biggest Superstars.

This set is the ultimate celebration of “WrestleMania Monday”. Not only does it feature some of the greatest matches and moments – dating back over 20 years – but also go behind-the-scenes to show you just what goes into creating the year’s biggest Raw.



FremantleMedia International
Release date
3rd April, 2017