My Father Die

“Make me proud!”

Out on:Download 20th March 2017
DVD 3rd April 2017
VOD 3rd April 2017

Fast sell:

Cape Fear meets Night of the Hunter and Oldboy in director Sean Brosnan’s powerful feature debut, a brutal and beautiful Southern Gothic revenge thriller that pits a father against his son in a bloody battle of wits.

Key talent:

Joe Anderson (Hannibal, The Divide)
Gary Stretch (Dead Man’s Shoes, World Trade Centre)
John Schneider (The Dukes of Hazzard, Nip/Tuck, Smallville)
Candace Smith (End of Watch, Gimme Shelter)
Ross Britz (Aftermath, American Horror Story)
Thomas Francis Murphy (12 Years A Slave, True Detective, Focus)
Sean Brosnan (Generation Kill)


Asher loses both his speech and hearing at the age of 12, during a vicious attack that leaves his older brother dead. The killer, Ivan, a tattooed monster showing no remorse, is jailed for the assault, but released two decades later due to prison overcrowding.

Pumped-up and hungry for retribution, Asher wastes no time in tooling and facing down his nemesis – who also happens to be his father. But his dad’s time in prison hasn’t been wasted, and he proves a formidable enemy.

We like it because:

Part revenge thriller, part pure horror, writer/director Sean Brosnan’s debut is an all-out assault on the senses that might not be for the faint-hearted, but is heartily recommended to those who like their films full throttle, adrenalin fuelled and cranked up to 11.

A Greek tragedy crossed with Sons of Anarchy, MY FATHER DIE takes the best elements of exploitation cinema and gives them a stylish new coat of paint, soaked in swamp sweat and savagery, and dipped in depravity and deep South mania.

Brosnan, himself an actor, has a canny touch of getting the best from his cast – Joe Anderson (from the TV series Hannibal) shines as Asher, wearing a fox pelt hat and given the unenviable task of getting revenge for his dead brother, by having to kill his own dad.

The casting of former British boxer Gary Stretch as the seemingly unstoppable and psychopathic Ivan is a masterstroke. The sorely underused Stretch, so good as the baddie in Shane Meadow’s Dead Man’s Shoes, is simply brilliant and chilling here as a malevolent force of evil.

After garnering rave reviews at SXSW last year, MY FATHER DIE went on to play on the opening night at the prestigious 2016 London FrightFest, marking out Brosnan as an assured and gifted writer/director and his debut film as a full-blooded and unmissable revenge thriller.

Hot Quotes:

“Blood-and-thunder Southern-gothic excess both tempered and heightened by vivid directorial texturing… A bold and talented debut” Variety

“A rich, powerful revenge thriller” Consequence of Sound
“Is as beautifully photographed, and shot, as it is relentlessly brutal… A truly satisfying and compelling genre film” Britflicks

“An experience you won’t forget in a hurry” Dread Central

5 stars The Hollywood News



Frightfest Presents
Release date
3rd April, 2017
Digital release
20th March, 2017
Running time
102 minutes


Sean Brosnan
  • Gary Stretch
  • Joe Anderson
  • John Schneider