Heroes are found in the most unexpected places

Out on:Theatrical 3rd March 2017
DVD 27th March 2017
Download 27th March 2017
VOD 27th March 2017

Fast sell:

An extraordinary story of courage and survival during World War Two, as the resistance take on the Nazis in a powerful cross between Valkyrie and Defiance. War cinema at its most powerful.

Key talent:

Luke Mably (28 Days Later, Combat Hospital)
Ana Ularu (Dan Brown’s Inferno, Emerald City)
Harvey Keitel (Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Grand Budapest Hotel, Taxi Driver)

Jasmin Dizdar (Beautiful People)

Michael Riley (Crowhurst)


Based on remarkable true events during World War Two, Sonson is a young Jewish Hungarian lawyer living under German occupation. Devastated when the German authorities allow his ailing wife to die - and after they take away his sister-in-law Judith to a concentration camp, Sonson realises he can no longer sit on the sidelines of conflict.

He joins the Hungarian resistance and sets out to rescue Judith - the start of an inspirational fight back against the increasingly desperate and dangerous Nazis in the dying embers of the war, where Sonson will, in avenging the deaths of his people, save thousands of others.

We like it because:

Take an incredible cast, including a supporting role from Hollywood legend Harvey Keitel, a war story inspired by actual events that is as audacious as it is incredible, mix it in with stunning production values and thrilling set pieces, and you have Jasmin Dizdar’s CHOSEN.

Director Dizdar, who won at Cannes in 1999 for his extraordinary debut Beautiful People, here takes the remarkable story of the resistance during World War Two and turns it into a compelling piece of cinema, deftly mixing rousing action scenes and moving human drama.

Lead actor Luke Malby (28 Days Later, Combat Hospital) shines as the heroic, conflicted Sonson - his transformation into an SS officer is a stand-out scene; while Ana Ularu (Inferno) shows she’s a star on the rise as the brave and resourceful Judith. Legendary actor Harvey Keitel (Pulp Fiction, Grand Budapest Hotel) is on top form here as a man haunted by his past.

A mix of the likes of Defiance and Schindler’s List, and featuring battle sequences that wouldn’t look out of place in Saving Private Ryan, CHOSEN is a powerful and haunting testament to the human spirit, a portrait of humanity in the depths of war that is brilliantly evoked, thrillingly effective and frighteningly prescient.



Kaleidoscope Entertainment
In Cinemas
3rd March, 2017
Release date
27th March, 2017
Digital release
27th March, 2017
Running time
105 mins


Jasmin Dizdar
  • Luke Mably
  • Anna Ularu
  • Harvey Keitel