Stake Land II

Death is no escape

Out on:DVD 3rd April 2017

Fast sell:

A scary, bloody and action-packed follow up to the 2010 horror hit, with Nick Damici returning as Mister, the vampire hunter, roaming a post apocalyptic landscape and delivering bloody justice one sharp stake at a time. Watch the world die with a scream - lots of them.

Key talent:

Nick Damici (Stake Land, Late Phases, Cold In July, We Are What We Are)
Connor Paolo (Gossip Girl, Revenge, Stake Land)
Laura Abramsen (Wolfcop)

Dan Berk, Robert Olsen (The Body)

Executive Producer
Jim Mickle (Stake Land, We Are What We Are)

Larry Fessenden (The Innkeepers, The House of the Devil)


Older and weathered, when New Eden is destroyed, and his wife and child murdered by the revived vampire Brotherhood, Martin (Connor Paolo, Gossip Girl, Stake Land) suddenly finds himself alone in the desolate badlands of America.

With only one goal, to avenge the death of his family, Martin must find his mentor and legendary vampire hunter, Mister, to achieve his mission. But in a world ravaged by vampires, once again, he must fight to survive and no-one can be trusted.

Stake Land II is the much anticipated sequel to the critically acclaimed Stake Land, reuniting the forceful duo in this bloody and spine-chilling gore-fest!

We like it because:

“You’re alive - act like it”

The stakes are raised in this sequel to Jim Mickle’s 2010 horror hit, with original star, and writer, the gruff, gravelly-voiced Nick Damici (who, on any other planet, would be a superstar by now), returning as the no nonsense vampire hunter Mister, and produced by Mickle and horror genre favourite Larry Fessenden (The House of the Devil, The Innkeepers) through his Glass Eye Pics studio.

Directors Dan Berk and Robert Olsen hit the ground running here, picking up where the final film left of and plunging the viewer into the world of the wheezing, wrathful berserkers, as Martin (Connor Paolo from Gossip Girl, Revenge, Stake Land), sets out to find truly nasty fanged fiend The Mother (Kristina Hughes), and discovers the vampires aren’t his only problem in a world where survivors will do anything to get by. The film also brings back genre hero Mister to dispense killer lines (“You got your whole life to die, kid - no point rushing it”) and carnage the only way he knows how.

A worthy and welcome companion to the original film, this is as thrilling as the TV smash hit The Walking Dead, and dust-blown streets ahead of I Am Legend. STAKE LAND II is a brilliantly bleak and bloody bucket of vampire horror, brimful of satisfying vampire kills and carnage.

Hot Quotes:

“Uniquely different”


“The Walking Dead with super vampires” Horror Society

Editor's Notes:

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STAKE LAND 1 & 2 Special Edition Boxset

Catch up on Jim Mickle’s original film, described by Empire magazine as “A vampire post-apocalypse road movie with blood, brains and heart”, and by The Hollywood Reporter as a “compelling vampire saga”, with this special edition combo pack that gives you a double dose of Mister and monster hunting mayhem, in the gritty, gory vampire film series that just won’t stay dead.



Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment
Release date
3rd April, 2017


Dan Berk / Robert Olsen
  • Nick Damici
  • Connor Paolo
  • Laura Abramsen