Out on:Download 7th April 2017
Theatrical 7th April 2017

Fast sell:

Schwarzenegger is back in Aftermath, based on the shocking real life story of a man seeking vengeance on the person responsible for an air crash that killed his family. This is Sully on steroids, an Arnie thriller packed with twists and turns, that grips from start to finish.

Key talent:

Arnold Schwarzenegger (Sabotage, Predator, Total Recall, The Terminator)

Maggie Grace (Taken 1-2, Californication, Lost)

Scoot McNairy (Argo, 12 Years A Slave, Non-Stop, Killing Them Softly)

Kevin Zegers (Gossip Girl, The Colony)

Elliott Lester (Director, Blitz, Love Is The Drug, Chop Shop TV series)

Javier Gullon (Writer, Enemy, The Cave)

Darren Aronofsky, producer (Director, Black Swan, The Wrestler)

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The remarkable true story of the events that unfolded when a Russian passenger plane collided with a cargo plane over Germany in 2002. 71 people die.

Roman Melnyk, whose wife and two children were killed in the accident, struggles to cope with the tragedy and desperately searches for answers, and cannot rest until he finds the person responsible for his loss.

Jake, the air traffic controller on that fateful day, also finds his life in pieces. Forced to take on a new identity, his marriage crumbles, he loses his job, and he becomes a ghost of his former self.

The story builds to its tragic conclusion 478 days later when the two strangers finally meet.

We like it because:

Iconic star Arnold Schwarzenegger is showing no signs of slowing down, and appears to be enjoying renewed box office clout with
a series of smart, entertaining thrillers, including Sabotage, Escape Plan, and now Aftermath, a nail-biting revenge film based on the real life incident where a man hunts down the air traffic controller he holds responsible for a plane crash that killed his wife and children.

Brilliantly directed by Elliott Lester (the man behind the Jason Statham cop thriller Blitz, TV action series Chop Shop and upcoming thriller Sleepwalkers), and produced by Black
Swan and The Wrestler director Darren Aronofsky, the film
is scripted by Javier Gullon, who wrote the acclaimed Denis Villeneuve thriller Enemy. The supporting cast includes Taken’s Maggie Grace and Argo star Scoot McNairy, and showcases Arnie on superb form as a man driven to the edge by tragedy, an unstoppable force who won’t let reason or the law slow him down.

Schwarzenegger, as he showed in Sabotage and the recent zombie film Maggie, has matured into an interesting dramatic actor; here, he is a thoughtful and imposing screen presence, but one who can dish out suitably ferocious revenge if is required. Like the recent box office hit Sully, Aftermath takes an extraordinary real life incident and turns it into nail-biting, must- see cinema: except this time with Arnie at the controls, which means audiences are in for a guaranteed thrill ride.



Signature Entertainment
In Cinemas
7th April, 2017
Release date
7th April, 2017
Digital release
7th April, 2017


  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Maggie Grace
  • Scoot McNairy
  • Kevin Zegers