Fanged Up

It's not just a prison. It's a larder!

Out on:DVD 30th July 2018
Download 30th July 2018

Fast sell:

Daniel O’Reilly, best known for his “Dapper Laughs” persona, fights for his life in a thrilling yet fun horror comedy bursting with British blood and banter alike.

Key talent:

Christian James (Freak Out, Stalled)

Nick Nevern (Terry)
Daniel O’Reilly
Dan Palmer (Freak Out)

Daniel O’Reilly (Dapper Laughs, Celebrity Big Brother)
Danielle Harold (EastEnders)
Stu Bennett (WWE Raw)
Vas Blackwood (Creep)
Stephen Marcus (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels)
Steven Berkoff (Beverly Hills Cop, Clockwork Orange)


When self-styled absolute lad Jimmy Ragsdale (Daniel O’Reilly) makes a pass at his boss’ wife, the ensuing brawl seals the deal on a night he’ll never forget - locked in the halls of a hellish prison! Jimmy will have more on his plate than just tough Russian cellmate Victor (Stu Bennett), however. When the wardens unleash their true vampyric colours, the inmates find themselves caught in a bloody battle that is sure to prove just how “hard” Jimmy really is.

We like it because:

Daniel O’Reilly has come a long way since his humble beginnings on Vine, drawing audiences’ attention in his feature film debut as a wise-cracking lad, whose lack of self-awareness creates a likeable lead echoing a modern, more endearing Ali G. O’Reilly finds on-screen support with similarly strong character acting from co-stars Stu Bennett and Vas Blackwood in particular, who effortlessly breathe life into a tough Russian and soft-spoken hedgehog enthusiast, respectively.

The cast’s eccentric flavours become succulent ingredients in the horror film stew, providing relatable hooks for us to anchor on, before tearing us apart when the bloody madness kicks in. With the horror and comedy elements in perfect harmony, the creative team have mastered the delicate balance of knowing when to pull a joke, our heartstrings, or just delight us in the blood-splattered spectacle. Ensnaring and entertaining in equal measure, the result is a delicious horror comedy worth sinking your teeth into.

Hot Quotes:

"Bloody! Hilarious!" ★★★★ Beyond The Gore

"Laughs and gore galore" ★★★★ Bloody Flicks

"A fang-tastic British comedy-horror"

"Fanged Up is like Porridge, with vampires" OC Movie Reviews

"Fanged Up does for vampire what Shaun of the Dead did for zombies" ElasticFM

"Raises the stakes for Great British horror comedy"

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Altitude Film Entertainment
Release date
30th July, 2018
Digital release
30th July, 2018


Christian James
  • Daniel O’Reilly
  • Danielle Harold
  • Stu Bennett
  • Vas Blackwood
  • Stephen Marcus
  • Steven Berkoff