Secrets will come to light

Out on:DVD 14th Jan. 2019
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VOD 14th Jan. 2019

Fast sell:

Game of Thrones superstar Sophie Turner as you’ve never seen her before, as a high school Lolita tempting American Horror Story’s Dylan McDermott, in this stylish and mysterious rural noir.

Key talent:

Sophie Turner (Game of Thrones, X-Men: Apocalypse)

Dylan McDermott (American Horror Story, In The Line Of Fire)

Jack Kilmer (Lords of Chaos, The Nice Guys)

Daeg Faerch (Hancock, Halloween)

Kurt Fuller (Midnight In Paris, Alias)


Mysterious and alluring high school student Josie (Turner) moves into an apartment in the rundown Pink Motel, attracting the attention of long-term resident and local loser Hank (McDermott). Striking up a friendship, middle-aged Hank soon becomes fixated on this free-spirited teenager.

We like it because:

Sansa Stark ditches the braided hair and heavy robes for a bleach blonde look and cut off denims, as Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner takes the title role of the gum-chewing, tattooed high school student who bewitches a small town loser in JOSIE. Turner is perfectly cast and irresistible as the girl whose arrival in a small town turns it upside down.

American Horror Story’s Dylan McDermott is excellent as the world-weary, downtrodden Hank, a solitary man who works as a school parking monitor and has pet tortoises for company. The cast also includes screen stalwart Kurt Fuller (Alias) as a nosy neighbour, and Val Kilmer’s son Jack, oozing charisma and talent like his father, as Josie’s classmate Marcus, Hank’s number one enemy in town.

With a haunting Ry Cooder-esque score, and the seedy motel setting beautifully photographed by Zoe White (Handmaid’s Tale, Catfight), England’s slow-burning film takes some devilish twists before its gripping, painful and wholly unexpected climax. Smartly made, atmospheric, and loaded with impending doom, JOSIE is a taut, terrific thriller with a real sting in its tail.

Hot Quotes:

“Sophie Turner is a revelation” - The Movie Sleuth

“It’s original, and a compelling watch... a smooth movie with a light touch that packs a punch” - Film Threat

“So well acted and deeply intriguing... a captivating viewing experience” -



Altitude Film Entertainment
Release date
14th January, 2019
Digital release
14th January, 2019


Eric England
  • Sophie Turner
  • Dylan McDermott
  • Jack Kilmer
  • Daeg Faerch
  • Kurt Fuller