The Wolf's Call

“Smart, stylish and nail-bitingly tense" ★★★★

Andy Lea, Daily Star Sunday
Out on:Theatrical 6th Dec. 2019
Download 23rd Dec. 2019
DVD 30th Dec. 2019

Fast sell:

Call of Duty meets The Hunt For Red October in this slick, gripping underwater action thriller, that pits one man against a devastating nuclear threat.

Key talent:

Francois Civil (As Above, So Below, Call My Agent!)
Omar Sy (Inferno, Jurassic World)
Mathieu Kassovitz (Amelie, Munich)
Reda Kateb (Zero Dark Thirty, A Prophet)
Jean-Yves Berteloot (The Da Vinci Code, Hereafter)

Antonin Baudry (writer, The French Minister)

Tomandandy (Resident Evil: Afterlife, The Strangers)

Alain Attal (Little White Lies, Tell No One)
Jerome Seydoux (Snowden, The Great Beauty)


Aboard a French nuclear submarine, their secrecy and stealth depends on one young officer with the gift of acute hearing: the ‘Golden Ear’. His reputation takes a knock after a mistake, during a military operation, puts the lives of the whole crew in danger.

To win back his crew’s trust, he defies his superiors’ orders and is dismissed from duty. Amid high-stakes international tensions, as a potentially apocalyptic situation spirals rapidly out of control, it becomes clear he might be the only person who can avert the crisis.

We like it because:

From its outrageously gripping opening sequence, where a sonar expert on a submarine desperately attempts to identify a mysterious vessel beneath the water, during a fraught military operation, The Wolf’s Call is a taut, tense thrill-ride that will leave you gasping for air.

This impressive, big budget French production, with director Antonin Baudry helming his first feature, plunges the viewer deep into the highly-charged underwater world of the submarine crew, combining the claustrophobic atmosphere of Das Boot with the nerve-shredding action sequences of The Hunt For Red October.

Lead actors Francois Civil (As Above, So Below), Omar Sy (Jurassic World) and Mathieu Kassovitz (The Fifth Element) are terrific, as the sub crew desperately attempting to prevent an international catastrophe, despite being only ‘small cogs in a big machine’. The plot twists and turns like an eel, and the sophisticated military hardware is stunningly realised.

Featuring intense and intricate sound design, and an eerie, evocative score from tomandandy (Resident Evil: Afterlife, The Strangers), this is a rousing slice of action cinema that hits like a depth charge. Fans of cold-war classics like Seven Days in May and Fail Safe, and recent seabound actioners Hunter, Killer and Black Sea, are in for one hell of a trip.

Hot Quotes:

“Smart, stylish and nail-bitingly tense" ★★★★ Andy Lea, Daily Star Sunday

"The best submarine movie since Crimson Tide" ★★★★ THN

"Engaging and exciting" The Hot Corn



Altitude Film Entertainment
In Cinemas
6th December, 2019
Release date
30th December, 2019
Digital release
23rd December, 2019


Antonin Baudry
  • Francois Civil
  • Omar Sy
  • Mathieu Kassovitz
  • Reda Kateb
  • Jean-Yves Berteloot