Viking Siege

"Vikings meets The Evil Dead"

Out on:DVD 26th Dec. 2017

Fast sell:

Game of Thrones meets Red Sonja and Evil Dead in a rip-roaringly entertaining and blood soaked action fantasy, with vengeful kick-ass female warriors battling corrupt monks and killer tree creatures!

Key talent:

Michelle McTernan (Stella)
Rosanna Hoult (Kill Your Friends, Adulthood)
Samantha Schnitzler (Darkness Wakes)
James Groom (Hooligan Legacy)
Steve Meo (Gavin & Stacey)
Angela Peters (Extinction)
Craig Russell (The Hatton Garden Job)
Owain Rhys Davies (Twin Peaks)
Alistair Kirton (Colin)


During a wild night of debauchery, a gang of vengeful women plot to massacre a monastery full of corrupt monks who sold their loved ones as slaves. Their plan comes unstuck when a gang of marauding Vikings arrive with an army of vicious, tree-like demons on their tail. Trapped in the monastery, the feuding factions must band together and try to stay alive until dawn when salvation will arrive.

We like it because:

Sword fights, lashings of gore and a team of kick-ass women who take on a vicious gang of killer tree creatures - how can you resist!

Filled with foul-mouthed monks, brutish warriors on the rampage and a terrifying horde of growling, gruesome half-man half-tree mutants, VIKING SIEGE is no ordinary fantasy adventure film - but a slam bang homage to 1980s sword and sorcery films with a dash of Assault on Precinct 13 and Evil Dead thrown in, as the group are trapped in a monastery at the with merciless monsters prowling outside.

With a powerful lead performance from Michelle McTernan (Stella) as Atheled, the leader of the formidable females, James Groom as the enigmatic Lord Osmond, it also features an hilarious comic turn by Alastair Kirton (who also co-wrote the script), star of the cult low-budget zombie Colin.

A must for fans of TV shows Vikings, Black Sails and Game of Thrones, and fantasy classics like Conan The Barbarian and Krull, VIKING SIEGE will have you rooting for Atheled and her warrior women as they find themselves, in a fantastic effects-packed finale, pitted against some of the nastiest, gnarliest foes this side of the White Walkers.

Hot Quotes:

"Vikings meets The Evil Dead" Loaded

"A blood-soaked battle that's out of this world!" Box Office Buz

"Blood drenched wenches, vikings and tree demons from space... The recipe for an all out riot!" Love Horror



Altitude Film Entertainment
Release date
26th December, 2017


  • Michelle McTernan
  • Rosanna Hoult
  • Samantha Schnitzler
  • James Groom
  • Steve Meo
  • Angela Peters
  • Craig Russell
  • Owain Rhys Davies