Revenge For Jolly

“A cross-breed of Superbad meets Pulp Fiction meets Cheech And Chong punctuated with gratuitous and gory violence.”
Out on:Blu-Ray 14th April 2014
DVD 14th April 2014

Fast sell:

Kristen Wiig (Bridesmaids), Ryan Phillippe (Damages) and Elijah Wood (Maniac) star in this ultra-violent and gratuitously gory actioner from the executive producer of “Machete” and “Black Swan”.

Key talent:

Elijah Wood (Maniac; The Lord Of The Rings)

Ryan Phillippe (Damages; The Lincoln Lawyer)

Kristen Wiig (Anchorman 2; The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty; Bridesmaids)

Adam Brody (Scream 4; Jennifer’s Body; The O.C.; Mr. and Mrs. Smith)

Oscar Isaac (Inside Llewyn Davis; Drive)

Brian Petsos (How To Be A Man; Bridesmaids)

Amy Seimetz (The Killing; You’re Next)


Harry (Petsos) is having the very worst kind of day. Deeply in debt to the wrong kind of people and harbouring thoughts of skipping town, he returns home from an all-night drinking binge with his cousin, Cecil (Isaac), to discover his little dog, Jolly, has been brutally murdered.

Broken-hearted and beyond consolation at the loss of the only source of light in his desperately bleak and solitary existence, Harry vows to track down the culprits and exact unmerciful revenge upon their sorry asses. Armed with an impressive and deadly arsenal of firepower in the boot of their car, the two cousins embark on a frenzied, alcohol-fuelled orgy of violent retribution, leaving no stone unturned in their search for the canine’s killer.

We like it because:

Action-packed, hilariously violent and boasting a subtle, cynical wit, “Revenge For Jolly” features a killer cast and some of the blackest humour we’ve ever come across. Almost certainly destined for cult status, this is a great “late-night, kicking back with your friends and going along for the ride” kind of movie.

Hot Quotes:

“It suggests an exciting new subgenre in canine noir, darkly comic thrillers dedicated to chronicling the spiritual bond between man and man’s best friend in the most dark, cynical, violent manner imaginable.” – Nathan Rabin, A.V. Club.

“Revenge For Jolly is often corrosively dark and incredibly bloody, but there’s a powerful sincerity at its core. It is, without a doubt, the most unexpectedly poignant movie ever made about a silly little dog.” – Nathan Rabin, A.V. Club.

“Revenge for Jolly’s sense of humor is what really sets it apart. It’s a dark comedy in every sense of the word. It's funny, it's violent, and it's got revenge.” –

“This revenge fantasy delivers a highly enjoyable experience… distinctively entertaining… offers a consistent stream of laughs, two barbaric but charming anti-heroes, and the most outrageous excuse for shameless brutality that nearly anyone can get behind. For those who like to mix their dark comedy with over-the-top action, this film was made with you in mind.” – Sound On Sight.

“A cross-breed of Superbad meets Pulp Fiction meets Cheech And Chong punctuated with gratuitous and gory violence.” –

“A violent roller-coaster ride of a movie.” – DVD Talk.

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Anchor Bay
Release date
14th April, 2014
Running time
81 Minutes
DVD: £12.99 | BD £15.99


Chadd Harbold
  • Brian Petsos
  • Oscar Isaac
  • Elijah Wood
  • Ryan Phillippe
  • Kristen Wiig