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Out on:VOD 1st Aug. 2020

ARROW VIDEO CHANNEL is the passion-driven film platform giving film fans the opportunity to watch a curated selection of movies that the Arrow Video brand is famous for. This August, the Arrow Video Channel is showing the unmissable cult creature feature comedy Lake Michigan Monster, as well as a host of new additions to the channel.

A bonkers, berserk, black and white oddity like no other, that has already been banned in four lakes, the hilariously funny Lake Michigan Monster sees eccentric ship captain and a crew of specialists plot revenge against the most mysterious creature of the deep.

Like a cross between The Life Aquatic and Creature from the Black Lagoon, with a splash of Yellow Submarine, Lake Michigan Monster is that rarest of beasts - a wholly original, extraordinarily creative and beguiling directorial debut.

You can see it on the Arrow Video Channel - the home for weird and wild cult classics, newly-restored gems, and genre favourites, available on Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video (UK only).

Also debuting on the Arrow Video Channel this August are:


Key Talent: Dario Argento (Suspiria, Deep Red), John Saxon (Black Christmas)

Horror maestro Dario Argento’s deliciously nasty 1982 giallo horror, with a razor-wielding psycho stalking a bestselling horror novelist in Rome, is erotically-charged, gruesome and graphic, and, with a groovy Goblin score to boot, is one of the director’s best.

The Untamed

Key Talent: Amat Escalante (Director, Heli, Narcos: Mexico), Ruth Ramos (Fractal)

A ferociously enjoyable, award-winning mix of Lovercraftian sci-fi and social commentary, from acclaimed director Amat Escalante, about something strange lurking in a cabin in the woods, that delivers proper scares, amplified by some seriously moody sound design.

Inferno of Torture

Key Talent: Teruo Ishii (Director, Horrors of Malformed Men), Yumika Katayama (Female Prisoner 701: Scorpion)

Tender romance clashes with vile sadism in a sea of tattooed female flesh, in Teruo Ishii’s incredibly provocative and salacious film, that depicts some of the most perverse violence ever captured on screen, and a shock ending that will leave your mouth agape.

The Comic

Key Talent: Richard Driscoll (Director, Kannibal), Steve Munroe (Ashes to Ashes)

A barmy, baffling, beguiling and freshly unearthed cinematic oddity, shot on 35mm film, set in a dystopian police state where comedian Sam Coex will kill for his big break!

The Case of the Scorpion’s Tail

Key Talent: Sergio Martino (Director, Torso, The Suspicious Death of a Minor), Alberto de Mendoza (A Lizard in a Woman’s Skin)

The second giallo by genre master Sergio Martino, that combines stunning views of Greece with brutal bursts of violence, a typically tangled script, and a cast overflowing with Euro cult talent, including de Mendoza, Janine Reynaud (Succubus) and Luigi Pistilli (A Bay of Blood).

Black Test Car

Key Talent: Yasuzo Masumura (Blind Beast), Hideo Takamatsu (The Last Emperor)

Japanese maverick director Yasuzo Masumura helms a bitingly satirical espionage thriller, set in the heart of the Japanese auto industry, in his 1962 landmark film, featuring a corporate war between the Tiger Motorcar Company and their competitors, the Yamato Company.

Black Report

Key Talent: Yasuzo Masumura (Blind Beast), Ken Utsui (Super Giant)

Masumura’s follow up to Black Test Car, is part crime film, part courtroom drama, about a food company's boss being killed, and the search for his murderer.

Arrow Video Channel’s curated picks of August:


To celebrate Arrow Video Channel screening Lake Michigan Monster, here’s a superlative collection of creature features to sate the appetite of the hungriest monster movie fan. There’s Blood Tide, featuring James Earl Jones as well as a scaly sea creature, plus a load of gore and nudity; Horrors of Malformed Men, fusing mystery and horror, and taking you down a dark labyrinth of the monstrous and perverse; and another malformed man, the murderous Belial, from Frank Henenlotter’s ode to Times Square, the low budget, blood-spattered 1982 cult favourite Basket Case; Rawhead Rex, adapted for the screen by acclaimed horror writer Clive Barker from his short story, about a hulking, ancient demon tearing a bloody swathe across the Irish countryside; Terra Formars, about a group of space explorers who find themselves pitched against a horde of oversized anthropomorphic cockroaches; as well as a host of films featuring the original hero in a half-shell, titanic terrapin Gamera!

Lake Michigan Monster - UK/US
Blood Tide - UK/US
Dark Water - UK/US
Gamera vs. Barugon - UK/US
Lake Of Dracula - UK/US
The Witch Who Came from the Sea - UK/US
The Mutilator - UK/US
Creepshow 2 - UK/US
Gamera vs. Viras - UK/US
Horrors of Malformed Men - UK/US
Island of Death - UK/US
Gamera vs. Jiger - UK/US
The Wind - UK/US
Gamera vs. Zigra - UK/US
Ray Harryhausen: Special Effects Titan - US
Terra Formars - UK/US
Basket Case - US
The Slayer - US
Slugs - UK
Harpoon - UK
A Bay of Blood - UK
The Burning - UK
After Midnight - UK
Rawhead Rex - UK
Hell Comes to Frogtown - UK


Having been stuck at home for quarter of the year, it’s time to shake off the shackles of inertia and have a complete change of scene. Perhaps it’s time to move house, to a mansion inhabited by a knife-wielding, masked maniac, with Jose Larraz’s superb 1990 slasher Deadly Manor; or why not try a new town that just happens to be populated by murderous kids, in the adaptation of the Stephen King tale, Children of the Corn; or maybe you’d prefer a camp out with some cannibals, as seen in Wes Craven’s gruesome 1970s classic, The Hills Have Eyes, and its weird and wonderful sequel. How about a nice relaxing road trip in the back of a truck with a psycho killer at the wheel, in the fantastically grimy grindhouse favourite, Hitchhike to Hell. To really get away from it all, take a holiday on the Greek Islands, where you will encounter all manner of depravity in the notorious, jaw-dropping 1976 shocker Island of Death (‘The lucky ones simply got their brains blown out!’); or head to a mountain ski resort, setting for Satan’s Blade, which promises all kinds of carnage and calamity for visitors. A change is as good as a rest they say!

Children of the Corn - US
Dark August - UK/US
Hitchhike to Hell - UK/US
The Hills Have Eyes - UK/US
The Hills Have Eyes 2 - UK/US
Doom Asylum - UK/US
Creepshow 2 - UK/US
Deadly Manor - UK/US
The Wind - UK/US
Island of Death - UK/US
Trapped Alive - UK/US
Psychomania - US
Tideland - US
Moonshine Mountain - UK/US
Scared Stiff - UK
Elvira: Mistress of the Dark - UK
The Burning - UK
Offspring - UK
Satan's Blade - UK

About the Arrow Video Channel

The ARROW VIDEO CHANNEL gives cult movie fans the opportunity to watch a wide selection of movies that the ARROW VIDEO brand has been famous for – personally curated by members of the Arrow team. From horror to sci-fi, thrillers to westerns, the ARROW VIDEO CHANNEL is home to cutting edge cult and undiscovered gems such as Takashi Miike’s Audition, Wes Craven’s seminal masterpiece The Hills Have Eyes, George A. Romero’s contagion classic The Crazies, Edwin Brown’s slice-and-dice staple The Prey and so much more. In the coming months the ARROW VIDEO CHANNEL will be adding cult classics from Alejandro Jodorowsky including The Holy Mountain and American made horrors such as, The Deeper You Dig, Children of the Corn 2&3 and The El Duce Tapes. In addition to crowd pleasing cult movies on the service, the ARROW VIDEO CHANNEL will continue to give you an exclusive platform to brand new genre as part of a new global strategy.

The ARROW VIDEO CHANNEL also hosts a growing collection of documentaries, interviews and never-before-seen content from the Arrow Video archives, as well as newly produced material. These documentaries will breathe new life on the ARROW VIDEO CHANNEL, giving movie fans an immersive look into the creation of many cult movie classics such as Donnie Darko and Hellraiser. The service will be updated regularly with new content, new curation focus and never-before-seen content, all hand-picked by the Arrow Video team.



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1st August, 2020