Trish & Lita: Best Friends, Better Rivals

Out on:DVD 10th June 2019

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A 2-disc set collecting the best matches and moments from two of the biggest pioneers in WWE’s women’s evolution – Trish Stratus and Lita! This set looks back at how these generational Superstars transcended the term “Divas” and had some of the best, most groundbreaking matches ever seen in WWE’s women’s division


Match Highlights:

Raw – October 23, 2000
Trish Stratus vs. Lita

Survivor Series – November 18, 2001
6-Pack Challenge Match for the WWE Women’s Championship
Trish Stratus vs. Lita vs. Ivory vs. Molly Holly vs. Jacqueline vs. Jazz

Unforgiven – September 22, 2002
WWE Women’s Championship Match
Trish Stratus vs. Molly Holly

Backlash – April 18, 2004
Trish Stratus & Christian vs. Chris Jericho

Fully Loaded – July 23, 2000
Hardy Boyz & Lita vs. T&A & Trish Stratus

Raw – July 31, 2000
Lita & The Rock vs. Trish Stratus & Triple H

Raw – November 24, 2003
Steel Cage Match
Lita vs. Victoria

Plus much more action!

We like it because:

Trish Stratus and Lita began changing the game for the women’s division as far back as the Attitude Era – and their influence can still be seen in the Superstars and action of modern-day WWE!

This 2-disc collection brings together some of the most iconic matches from Trish and Lita’s careers, including the first ever women’s main event on Raw and the first ever women’s steel cage match! Included in the action are some great one-on-one matches between Trish and Lita, who true to the name of the DVD had a classic in-ring rivalry!

There are also classic moments. Relive Lita’s doomed wedding to Kane, Trish’s unique feud with Mickie James, and both Trish and Lita’s their Hall of Fame inductions!

You’ll also see how Trish and Lita have returned to action in recent years – the epitome of “you’ve still got it!” – and continue to shape the history-making women’s evolution!

Don’t miss out on this stunning collecting!



Fremantle Home Entertainment
Release date
10th June, 2019