Acts of Vengeance

Out on:Download 23rd April 2018
Blu-Ray 7th May 2018
DVD 7th May 2018

Fast sell:

From the producers of The Expendables 1 and 2, Rambo, Olympus Has Fallen and London Has Fallen, comes Acts of Vengeance - an edge of your seat action thriller starring Antonio Banderas and Karl Urban. Banderas excels as a fast-talking lawyer who transforms his body and takes a vow of silence, not to be broken until he finds out who killed his family and has his revenge. With it’s astounding production pedigree, Acts of Vengeance is packed with intense action, perfect for fans of the Taken series.

Key talent:

Antonio Banderas (The Mask of Zorro, The Skin I Live In, Desperado)

Karl Urban (Star Trek, Dredd, The Bourne Supremacy, Thor: Ragnarok)


Frank Valera (Banderas) is a high-powered corporate defence lawyer who lives for his wife and daughter, but unfortunately has little time for them.

When he misses his child’s talent-show recital, remorse turns to concern when the duo don’t return home that night. Later, police lead him to their slain bodies in a storm drain, victims of a mysterious crime. Taking a vow of silence, not to be broken until he finds out who killed his family, Valera takes the law into his own hands to discover the truth, and get the ultimate revenge.

Starring Antonio Banderas (The Mask of Zorro, The Skin I Live In, Desperado) and Karl Urban (Star Trek, The Lord of the Rings, The Bourne Supremacy) Acts of Vengeance proves that payback really does speak louder than words.

We like it because:

Acts of Vengeance really does have some great action heritage. Its producers have been behind some of the biggest action hits of recent years including the first two Expendables films, Rambo, London Has Fallen and Olympus Has Fallen to name but a few. The cast, meanwhile, include Zorro himself, Antonio Banderas, and Karl Urban who’s been seen kicking ass and taking names in Dredd and Thor: Ragnarok.

Banderas turns in a gripping performance amidst the gritty, violent, edge of your seat action as a husband and father who’s lost everything and will stop at nothing for revenge. His grief is palpable and his vengeance furious as he fights his way through the scumbags responsible for robbing him of his family. The action sequences come thick and fast, reminding us of that breathlessness we got when we first saw the likes of Taken, as Banderas’s Frank Valera transforms himself from fast-talking lawyer to silent killing machine.

Acts of Vengeance works because it centres itself around two key questions: if your family were taken from you in the most unspeakable way, would you wallow in self pity, blaming yourself, or seek out those who were truly responsible? And what would you do when you found them?



Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment
Release date
7th May, 2018
Digital release
23rd April, 2018


  • Antonio Banderas
  • Karl Urban