From a House on Willow Street

"A fresh twisted tale of demonic possession"

The Hollywood News
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The Last Exorcism meets Don’t Breathe in this tense and terrifying horror film that sees a criminal gang discovering that hell hath no fury like a kidnapped woman who’s been possessed by an ancient, demonic force.

Key talent:

Carlyn Burchell (Eyewitness, RoboCop)
Sharni Vinson (You’re Next, Patrick)

Alastair Orr (Indigenous)


After a young woman, Katherine, is kidnapped, her captors videotape her and send the tape to her parents asking for a ransom. Getting no reply, they go back to Katherine’s house where they find her parents are dead.

Unfortunately there is more to Katherine than meets the eye - she has been possessed by an ancient evil which is now intent on turning the tables on her tormentors, who soon come to realize that, in fact, they may be the ones in danger.

We like it because:

“There’s something very wrong in the house on Willow Street”

This intense and gory white-knuckle ride has a smart and fiendishly simple set-up - a gang of criminals are terrorised in an abandoned warehouse when it turns out their hostage has been possessed by a demon. It seems a pump-action shotgun isn’t much of a match against a fanged, drooling creature.

Starring Carlyn Burchell as the formidably fearsome Katherine, a hapless victim turned horrific foe, and genre favourite Sharni Vinson, star of You’re Next and the brilliant 2013 remake of Patrick, From A House On Willow Street has a brilliant premise - mixing the thrills of Don’t Breath and The Collector, with the supernatural chills of The Last Exorcism, and the weird and wild single location terrors of The Void - and is executed with devilish assurance by horror director Alastair Orr, the man behind the cult 2011 creature feature Indigenous.

Receiving its world premiere at the prestigious FrightFest in London last year, this is ninety minutes of fear-filled, pulse pounding terror with buckets of gore and a lip-smackingly ferocious finale. Horror fans should beat a path to Willow Street immediately.

Hot Quotes:

“A fresh twisted tale of demonic possession” The Hollywood News
“Intriguing” Dread Central
“Beautifully terrifying” We Are Indie Horror



Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment
Release date
23rd October, 2017


Alastair Orr
  • Carlyn Burchell
  • Sharni Vinson