God of War

Old honour. New warfare.

Out on:Blu-Ray 16th Oct. 2017
DVD 16th Oct. 2017
VOD 16th Oct. 2017

Fast sell:

It’s legendary martial arts star Sammo Hung against 16th-century samurai pirates in a superb, action-packed historical epic.

Key talent:

Sammo Hung (Triad Wars, IP Man 2)
Vincent Zhao (True Legend, Sacrifice)
Yasuaki Kurata (Blood: The Last Vampire, Fist of Legend)
Gordon Chan (Director, The Medallion, Fist of Legend)

We like it because:

Old school historical actioners don’t come much better than God Of War, that boasts a top notch cast, lavish production values, an intricate and fascinating attention to detail in the methodology of 16th warfare, and handsomely mounted action set pieces.

The cast is headed up by Vincent Zhao (True Legend) as the general trying to head off the Japanese pirates; Hong Kong martial arts cinema legend Sammo Hung, on top form here; Yasuki Kuratu (Blood: The Final Vampire, Millionaire’s Express) steals the show as the world-weary commander of the Japanese pirates. Gordon Chan - who directed Jet Li in Fist of Legend and Jackie Chan in The Medallion - delivers a brilliantly riveting two hours packed with magnificent action sequences, with a jaw-dropping CGI-free finale, a truly thrilling spectacle featuring samurai duels set onboard pirate ships.

Recalling the likes of historical action classics like John Woo’s Red Cliff and Peter Chan’s The Warlords, God Of War is an absolute must see for fans of Hong Kong cinema.

Hot Quotes:

“Beautifully staged, elegantly choreographed” ScreenAnarchy
“Sword-fighting and arrow shooting action done right ” EFilmCritic.com
“Among the best of the genre” 4 stars Asian Film Strike



Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment
Release date
16th October, 2017
Digital release
16th October, 2017