To reverse the ritual - she must repeat it.

Out on:Download 16th April 2018
DVD 23rd April 2018

Fast sell:

A teenage girl regrets performing a ritual to summon a witch in this brilliant, brooding and flat-out frightening supernatural chiller from the producers of modern horror classics The Witch and The Void, featuring The Walking Dead’s Laurie Holden.

Key talent:

Laurie Holden (The Walking Dead, The Mist)
Nicole Munoz (Once Upon A Time, Hemlock Grove)
Chloe Rose (Hellions)
James McGowan (Suicide Squad)
Adam MacDonald (Director, Backcountry)
Lee Malia (Composer, guitarist with Bring Me The Horizon)
Jonathan Bronfman (Producer, The Void, The Witch)


After her father dies, teenager Leah is forced, by her unstable mother, to leave her friends behind and move to a house in the woods. Feeling isolated and hopeless, Leah turns to Black Magic to release her anger. She naively performs an occult ritual found in a book on her bedroom shelf to invoke the spirit of a witch to kill her mother. Terrified by strange occurrences, and stricken by guilt, Leah desperately tries to reverse the spell, but soon realizes she has awoken something in the woods... and nothing can prepare her for the terror that has been unleashed.

We like it because:

“Pyewacket can take many forms. Don’t trust your lying eyes.”

Forget teen-friendly jump scares and Ouija board pranks - this the real deal, that goes deep into the dark heart of the occult. From the producer of cult hits The Void and The Witch, PYEWACKET can take its place alongside those other-wordly modern horror classics.

Adam MacDonald, who directed the impressive killer bear thriller Backcountry, has crafted a deliciously taut slow burner, with outstanding central performances from Nicole Munoz as witchcraft-obsessed teenager Leah, and The Walking Dead’s Laurie Holden as her mother. As surprising as it is inventive, the film plants a seed of dread from the moment teenager Leah performs an occult ritual in the woods, building to an excruciating climax that will do for the woods what Jaws did for the water. Although there are nods to other genre favourites - thumps in the attic recall The Exorcist, the house in the woods The Evil Dead - PYEWACKET is its own bone-chilling beast.

With an ominous, brooding score (by Bring Me The Horizon’s Lee Malia), PYEWACKET is an unnerving, original terror experience that will delight fear fans in search of a genuine creep out. Take a deep breath and prepare for your nerves to be shattered…

Hot Quotes:

" ★★★★ Truly chilling" James Whittington, Horror Channel

★★★★ - Bloody Disgusting

"Harrowingly tragic, emotionally honest and truly frightening" - SciFiNow

“Intense, witty, phenomenal” - Get Reel Movies

“A shocking finale that’s equally crushing as it is mortifying” - Film School Rejects

Editor's Notes:

PYEWACKET is released on Digital HD 16th April and DVD on 23rd April 2018 from Signature Entertainment.

Signature Entertainment:
Launched in 2011, Signature Entertainment is one of the leading names in UK flm distribution. The team
combines a wealth of flm expertise with a fresh commercial outlook, delivering diverse quality
entertainment to a broad audience in cinemas and at home. Signature has released over 600 titles into the
UK market since inception, leading the way with innovative, bold ways of releasing and quality productions.
Signature’s recent releases include The Exception starring Lily James and Christopher Plummer Jungle
starring Daniel Radclife and big-budget sci-f sequel Beyond Skyline. Their impressive upcoming slate
includes Sylvester Stallone’s Escape Plan 2 and Charlie Hunnam’s Papillon.



Signature Entertainment
Release date
23rd April, 2018
Digital release
16th April, 2018


Adam MacDonald
  • Laurie Holden
  • Nicole Munoz
  • Chloe Rose
  • James McGowan
  • Lee Malia