THE AVENGERS 60th Anniversary

STUDIOCANAL celebrates 60th Anniversary of the classic TV series with an exclusive OURSCREEN EVENT

Out on:VOD 29th Jan. 2021

“An exciting, playful and thoroughly British take on the action genre” THE GUARDIAN

“A colourful slice of period hokum, full of flair, wit and sophistication” DEN OF GEEK

“Wacky and eccentric, and deserves its cult status” THE TELEGRAPH

On 29th January, STUDIOCANAL presents a very special event to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the ground-breaking cult sixties TV series THE AVENGERS, with an online event hosted by ourscreen, offering 5000 fans a unique chance to enjoy episodes of the show ‘together’.

Starring super fan Paul O’Grady, Richard Harris (writer for the first series and for several series thereafter), Raymond Austin (Stunt Coordinator/Director), Dick Fiddy (archive TV Consultant at The BFI) and director Sam Clemens. Fans will be able to interact using the ourscreen live chat bar, enjoying the social experience in real time, from the comfort of home. As John Steed might say, “How absolutely splendid!”

A cultural icon of British television history, The Avengers has remained a much-loved beacon of Britishness across the world since it first aired in 1961. Famous for its bowler hats, fanciful plotlines and the glamour and sass of Mr Steed’s companions, January marks 60 years since the first episode Hot Snow aired across British TV screens, keeping viewers enthralled until 1969 after 161 episodes.

This 60th celebratory evening is a tribute to one of the most endearing British TV creations of all time and even more pertinent following the recent losses of Diana Rigg and Honor Blackman, so let’s raise our bowler hats to the marvel (ahem) that is The Avengers!

Fans can look forward to:

A recorded introduction to the event from Director Sam Clemens, followed by Dick Fiddy talking about the first series of The Avengers, answering some questions and introducing our first episode of the evening Tunnel Of Fear.

Tunnel Of Fear is episode 20 from the first series, starring Ian Hendry, Patrick Macnee and Ingrid Hefner. It is one of the three known complete series 1 episodes to have survived, lost for 55 years the episode came to light in a private film collection in 2016.

Next up we have an interview with Avengers superfan Paul O’Grady, discussing his love for the show, his friendships with Linda Thorson, Honor Blackman and Diana Rigg, plus a guest appearance from Janet Clemens sharing with us some amazing Avengers memorabilia.

The Nutshell is episode 4 from series 3 in tribute to the wonderful Honor Blackman. This episode was directed by Raymond Menmuir. Steed and Cathy investigate espionage by a pretty burglar in “The Nutshell", codename for a top-secret underground nuclear shelter.

Raymond Austin, director and original stunt coordinator on 50 episodes of The Avengers - will talk about his career and the late Diana Rigg, with lots of wonderful anecdotes and answering some questions as well as introducing the final episode of the evening – The-Forget-Me-Knot where Diana Rigg hands over her mantel to Linda Thorson.

The Forget-Me-Knot is episode 1 of series 6 introducing Linda Thorson as Tara King. The episode was directed by James Hill and written by Brian Clemens.

We end on an interview with Richard Harris who wrote the 3rd episode of the first series plus many others and then a final sign off from Sam Clemens.

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Release date
29th January, 2021


  • Patrick Macnee
  • Diana Rigg
  • Ian Hendry
  • Honor Blackman