The Siege

Action thriller THE SIEGE is being released on digital in the UK and Ireland from 20th March.

If you thought the likes of Avengement and The Raid movies were action packed, get ready for THE SIEGE! Starring formidable new action hero Daniel Stisen (Last Man Down), this is a bone-crunching, slam bang knockout featuring heavy weaponry, bare-knuckle bash ups and fights to the death.

Directed by Brad Watson (Miss Willoughby and the Haunted Bookshop), THE SIEGE sees Stisen as a Walker, an assassin who teams up with a female hitwoman (Yennis Cheung, Death Race 4) to take on a gang of ruthless killers. The film also stars action veteran Byron Gibson (Rise of the Footsoldier 4) and Brit tough guy Phillip Ray Tommy (Kingsman: The Secret Service). It’s written by actress Nicole Bartlett (The Bezonians), making her screenwriting debut.

Assault on Precinct 13 with more muscle and a higher body count, THE SIEGE is a guaranteed good time for those who like their films fast, furious and filled with fights!

SYNOPSIS: Walker, an international assassin, is compromised during a mission. His handler sends him to a Reassignment Centre at which Walker will be processed for a new identity. During his stay at the facility, a ruthless assault team storms the compound searching for someone their boss has lost. Walker begrudgingly falls in with Elda, a skilled hitwoman, and Juliet, her mysterious ward, in order to maximise the chance to survive the night.

THE SIEGE is released on digital platforms including Google, Apple, Sky, Amazon, Rakuten and Virgin from 20th March



Altitude Film Entertainment
Release date
20th March, 2023


Brad Watson