Pay The Ghost

Out on:Blu-Ray 26th Oct. 2015
DVD 26th Oct. 2015

Fast sell:

Don’t Look Now meets Insidious in this terrifying supernatural thriller starring Nicolas Cage!

Academy-award winner Nicolas Cage (Leaving Las Vegas) leads a cast of genre stars, playing a professor whose son mysteriously disappears at a Halloween parade. Putting a new spin on the legend of the boogeyman, it’s a tense thriller with big shocks and supernatural effects.

Available DVD, Blu-ray and download 26th October, just in time for Halloween!

Key talent:

Nicolas Cage (Leaving Las Vegas, The Frozen Ground, The Wicker Man)

Sarah Wayne Callies (Into the Storm, TV’s The Walking Dead, TV’s Prison Break)

Lyriq Bent (Saw II, Four Brothers, Skinwalkers)

Maxwell McCabe-Lokos (The Incredible Hulk, Land of the Dead)

Veronica Ferres (Klimt, Hector and the Search Foe Happiness)

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Almost a year after his young son disappeared from his side on Halloween night in New York City, Mike (Nicolas Cage) is alone and haunted by terrifying visions of his son. Desperate but determined not to let go, he researches all the cases of missing children in the city and comes to a horrifying conclusion. After bombarding the detective in charge of the case with his shocking theory, he finally reunites with his estranged wife (Sarah Wayne Callies), and shares the supernatural mystery surrounding their son’s disappearance.

As Halloween night draws closer, Mike must follow a series of terrifying clues as he is led deeper into the ancient curse that could destroy him and all he loves.

We like it because:

Based on a story by British horror novelist Tim Lebbon (Dusk), Pay the Ghost comes from a good pedigree. It calls back to classic suspenseful chillers such as Don’t Look Now and The Innocents, while delivering big shocks and filmmaking style of contemporary horror hits that include Insidious, Sinister and The Conjuring.

Nicolas Cage is perfect in the leading role, doing what he does best as a man possessed. The supporting cast is also captivating, with genre favourites Sarah Wayne Callies (The Walking Dead) and Lyriq Bent (the Saw series) adding some fan-pleasing horror gravitas.

There’s also a new terrifying version of the boogeyman on hand, who’s all set to join the likes of the Bughuul and Lipstick-Faced Demon in the new generation of horror monsters. See it if you dare!



Arrow Films
Release date
26th October, 2015
Digital release
26th October, 2015


  • Nicolas Cage
  • Sarah Wayne Callies
  • Lyriq Bent
  • Maxwell McCabe-Lokos
  • Veronica Ferres