ARROW - October 2022 Line-Up

In October, ARROW presents witches, vampires, subterranean beasts, demons unleashed, ghastly gothic and more!

Out on:VOD 1st Oct. 2022

Key highlights this OCTOBER on the essential, alternative streaming service ARROW include two outstanding horror debuts exclusives, a pair of UK creature feature favourites, a supernatural cult classic, rampaging centurions, a season of gothic delights, co-eds in peril, and much more...

In October ARROW are showing TWO WITCHES, a terrific horror treat sure to become a Halloween staple. With its super-saturated colour palette, tenebrous art design and electrifying soundtrack, TWO WITCHES  presents two truly terrifying conjoined tales of witchery, paranoia and terror that hark back to the gory thrills of classic Euro horrors such as Suspiria, Shock  and The Beyond. First-time feature director Pierre Tsigaridis, who also shot, edited and contributed to the film’s soundtrack, singles himself out as one to watch in a deft and unnerving depiction of unspeakable evil that truly delivers. It’s screaming first on ARROW!

Also debuting in October, TAKE BACK THE NIGHT, an allegorical story of violence against women and the dangers of victim-blaming wrapped in a classic monster movie. Writer-director Gia Elliot takes no prisoners in her multi award-winning debut feature - fuelled by formidable female talent both in front of and behind the camera, TAKE BACK THE NIGHT is a terrifying suspense thriller that’s both an eye-opening exposé and a powerful rallying cry.

ARROW are delighted to present two UK horror favourites in October: Neil Marshall’s fright-filled, blood-soaked hit THE DESCENT, which sees a band of female cavers up against fearsome cave dwelling beasts; and Christopher Smith’s CREEP, starring Franka Potente (Run, Lola Run) as a woman trapped in the tunnels of the London Underground and at the mercy of a strange subterranean creature.

Seasons in October include THE SEASON OF THE WITCH, celebrating the addition of the wonderful TWO WITCHES to ARROW, with titles including The Witch Who Came from the Sea, The Snake Girl and the Silver-Haired Witch, and Hagazussa; WHY CAN’T A GIRL WALK HOME ALONE AT NIGHT?, a collection of films about women threatened, gaslit or attacked by men and exacting their revenge, with titles including Unsafe Spaces, The Wind, Bed Bug, Irezumi; GHASTLY GOTHIC, a deliciously dark collection of romance, murder, mystery and madness, with titles including The Blancheville Monster, The Witch, The Third Eye, and Lady Morgan’s Vengeance; and CO-ED CARNAGE!, including Hell High, Girls Nite Out, Dude Bro Party Massacre III, Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama, and Torso.

ALSO SHOWING: backwoods chills and thrills in WRONG TURN, vintage gothic horror in THE BLANCHEVILLE MONSTER, a spiral into madness in THE THIRD EYE, sadism and the supernatural in LADY MORGAN’S VENGEANCE, brutality and bloodshed in CENTURION, and much more…


New Titles – From October 1

● Two Witches
● Wrong Turn

New Titles – October 7

● Centurion
● The Descent

New Titles – From October 10

● Take Back the Night

New Titles – From October 14

● The Blancheville Monster
● The Witch
● The Third Eye
● Lady Morgan’s Vengeance

New Titles – From October 21

● The Cottage
● The Hole

New Titles – From October 28

● Severance
● Creep

New Seasons this October


To celebrate the addition of the utterly terrifying TWO WITCHES to ARROW, and every witch's favourite time of year: Halloween, welcome to THE SEASON OF THE WITCH!

Featuring all manner of spooky spell-casters, perfect for spinning on a chilly Autumnal evening while sipping on a PSL, this curated collection of pointy-hatted broom-riders will send shivers up your spine and send you to bed with a head full of creepy cackling.

So, leave your cauldron on low heat, snuggle up to your favourite familiar and indulge in all manner of delicious witchery with ARROW's THE SEASON OF THE WITCH.

Titles include: Two Witches, The Witch Who Came from the Sea, The Snake Girl and the Silver-Haired Witch, Hagazussa


In writer-director Gia Elliot's blistering TAKE BACK THE NIGHT, Jane (co-writer Emma Fitzpatrick) is horrifically attacked while she is on the streets alone after hours. Struggling for support and to be believed due to her lifestyle and mental health history, Jane sets about seeking her own justice by launching a vigilante campaign.

WHY CAN’T A GIRL WALK HOME ALONE AT NIGHT? is a collection of films that not only also features women threatened or attacked by men and exacting their revenge in shorts like Tristan Risk’s Reptile House and features like Masamura’s Irezumi and, as the director of Unsafe Spaces, Connor Sandheinrich, says about her short film (winner of ARROW’s The Stylist Short Cuts short film competition), “to bring attention to all the micro-motions women take every single day to ensure their own safety.”

Titles include: Take Back the Night, Unsafe Spaces, The Wind, Bed Bug, Irezumi

From October 14: GHASTLY GOTHIC

Come wallow in a deliciously dark curated collection of romance, murder, mystery and madness: GHASTLY GOTHIC.

Featuring the cursed and perverse, the sinister and supernatural, the morbid and mad, the decrepit and romantic, the haunted and tormented, the overwrought and untethered, and the obsessed and messed up; GHASTLY GOTHIC is a collection full to the creaking rafters with delightful doom and delectable dread.

Titles include: The Blancheville Monster, The Witch, The Third Eye, Lady Morgan’s Vengeance, Mill of the Stone Women and many more

From October 21: CO-ED CARNAGE

There's a killer on campus in ARROW's CO-ED CARNAGE!

Lock all the doors and windows of your frat or sorority house, and try your best not to party, as a murderous madman is picking off any and all students — from fresh meat freshmen to dead meat seniors — and no student, slumber party, kegger or place of higher learning is safe!

Titles include: Hell High, Girls Nite Out, Dude Bro Party Massacre III, Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama, Torso and many more


Featuring an array of the coolest directors of the hottest ARROW titles, and even the ARROW staff themselves, fighting for their lives during a “live” stream of Buddy Cooper’s 80s slasher, THE MUTILATOR WATCHALONG COLLECTION was a streaming first but, thanks to ghosts in and out of the machine, it nearly didn’t happen at all, and it ended... in blood.

Catch up on the event that had the filmmakers behind ARROW hits The Stylist, Threshold, A Ghost Waits, Dementer, Satanic Panic, Man Under Table and Gwilliam, as well as the Horror Movie Survival Guide hosts and (speaking of hosts) even the stars of Host, under guts-spilling attack from all-manner of killer tech, gorillas, demons and videotapes. Then - in their memory - check out all their amazing films.

Breakthrough smash The Stylist sees a young woman with a penchant for scalping her clients after styling them become dangerously obsessed with a new friend, while Threshold is an inspiring funny spooky and paranoid road trip shot-on-iPhones that follows a woman and her brother on the run from a cult that is haunting and hunting her.

A Ghost Waits is a spectral and achingly romantic love story between a renovator and the spirit who resides in his next house, and Dementer sees a woman caring for people with special needs under threat from a devilish presence and resorting to witchcraft to protect herself and her charges.

When a pizza delivery person accidentally interrupts a black mass she spends a night on the run from all manner of hilarious and unholy terrors in Satanic Panic, Man Under Table is a total one-of-a-kind comedy about doing what it takes to get a film made in Hollywood, and, also here, are all of short film master Brian Lonano’s micro masterpieces.

So, catch up on the Watchalong, pour one out for all the talent that tragically didn’t live to see another slasher about a bunch of horny teens getting offed one by one, and then check out all their work here on ARROW... in memoriam.

Titles include: The Mutilator Watchalong, The Stylist, Threshold, A Ghost Waits, Dementer, Satanic Panic, Man Under Table and Brian Lonano’s short films.


Expectant young mother Sarah is convinced she has been given the evil eye from a mysterious blank-eyed old hag while she is dining with her bullish and insensitive partner Simon. When the couple go to visit his new-agey friends Dustin and Melissa, dark forces are unleashed after an ill-advised attempt at consulting a Ouija board to allay her fears. Meanwhile, tensions grow between grad school student Rachel and her new roommate Masha after a violent incident involving a man that the strange and impulsive young woman has brought home.


Chris and a group of five friends are left stranded deep in the middle of the woods after their cars collide. As they venture deeper into the woods, they face an uncertain and bloodcurdling fate.


AD117. The Roman Empire stretches from Egypt to Spain, and East as far as the Black Sea. But in northern Britain, the relentless onslaught of conquest has ground to a halt in the face of the guerrilla tactics of an elusive enemy: the savage and terrifying Picts. Quinats Dias, sole survivor of a Pict raid on a Roman frontier fort, marches north with General Virilus' legendary 9th Legion, under orders to wipe the Picts from the face of the earth and destroy their leader Gorlacon. But when the legion is ambushed on unfamiliar ground, and Virilus taken captive, Quintas faces a desperate struggle to keep his small platoon alive behind enemy lines. Enduring the harsh terrain and evading their remorseless pursuers led by revenge-hungry warrior Etain, the band of soldiers race to rescue their General and to reach the safety of the Roman frontier.


On a daredevil caving holiday, six girls are trapped underground when an unexpected rock fall blocks their exit. Searching the maze of tunnels for a way out, they find themselves hunted by a race of fearless, hungry predators, once humanoid but now monstrously adapted to live in the dark.


Finding herself the victim of a violent monster attack, Jane launches a vigilante campaign to hunt the beast that tried to kill her. But her troubling history of drug use and mental illness bubbles to the surface, causing her family, community and the authorities to question her account. Alone in her fight, Jane starts to doubt her own memory of the attack… and to wonder if the monster exists at all.


The perverse influence of Poe is used to great effect in Alberto De Martino’s The Blancheville Monster – a tale of family curses and madmen in the attic, as Emilie de Blancheville (Ombretta Colli, Gladiator of Rome) returns home to her brother Roderic (Gérard Tichy, Hatchet for the Honeymoon) and discovers her own family may be out for her blood.


When a young historian (Richard Johnson, Zombie Flesh Eaters) is lured to work for an ageing woman, only to be held captive when he becomes obsessed with her beautiful daughter (Rosanna Schiaffino, The Killer Reserved Nine Seats).


Mino, a young count who lives with his dominant and jealous mother, begins in a downward spiral into madness after his fiancée, Laura, dies in an accident.


Gaslighting abounds in Massimo Pupillo’s Lady Morgan’s Vengeance – a delicate tale of romance and mystery, with a sprinkling of sadism and the supernatural – as newlywed Sir Harold Morgan (Paul Muller, Nightmare Castle) attempts to destroy his new bride (Barbara Nelli, Double Face) with help from his sinister maid (Erika Blanc, Kill, Baby… Kill!).


In a remote part of the countryside, a bungled kidnapping turns into a living nightmare for four central characters when they cross paths with a psychopathic farmer and all hell breaks loose.


Three rebellious friends, Mike, Geoff and Frankie, are desperate to avoid a school field trip to Wales. Martin, the school nerd, helps them hide away in an old underground bunker and his only condition is that his friend Liz joins them. The teenagers party, uncontrolled and undetected in the soundproof bunker hidden deep in the woods. But when Martin doesn't return to let them out the party atmosphere drains and their sanctuary quickly becomes their living nightmare.


Following a boom in military arms sales, the team at Palisade Defence are rewarded with a team-building weekend in the wilds of Eastern Europe. But what begins as a corporate jolly rapidly descends into a deadly nightmare as they are pitched into a terrifying fight for survival against a forgotten army of bloodthirsty maniacs armed with machetes, flame-throwers, machine guns and a thirst for revenge. If the team can survive the bear traps and treacherous pits long enough to show their guts rather than losing them, they may just learn that getting slaughtered with workmates isn't always a good idea. The graphic and gory tale directed by Christopher Smith (Creep) and starring Danny Dyer (The Business, Football Factory) proves once and for all that waiting for staff cuts is absolute torture.


Ever missed the last train? London, Midnight, on a cold evening. Unable to find a taxi, Kate (Franka Potente- The Bourne Identity/ Supremacy) heads for the underground. She takes a seat away from the crowd of late-night revellers and waits for the last train. Before long she drifts off to sleep and wakes to find everyone gone. She momentarily panics until another train pull in. She boards, unnerved that she's the only passenger, but relieved at last to be on her way. Halfway through the tunnel the train jerks to a violent halt. The lights shut off and the train is plunged into darkness. Kate screams...she is trapped in the dark...she is not alone...her nightmare has just begun!

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1st October, 2022