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Out on:VOD 1st July 2020

ARROW VIDEO CHANNEL is the passion-driven film platform giving film fans the opportunity to watch a curated selection of movies that the Arrow Video brand is famous for. This July, the Arrow Video Channel is showing Korean rom-zom-com Zombie For Sale, and all twelve films from the amazing Gamera Collection, featuring the beloved titanic terrapin.

An infectiously funny slice of modern Korean cinema, Zombie For Sale sees an undead escapee from a pharmaceutical lab attacking the head of the misfit Park family - who promptly becomes revitalised and full of life! The family hatch a plan to exploit this unexpected fountain of youth, allowing locals to pay to be bitten too, until things go wrong…

With a cabbage-munching zombie who prefers ketchup over blood, and a dysfunctional clan that gives the Kim family of Parasite a run for their money, Zombie for Sale will warm the deadest of hearts and breathe some new life into the zombie genre.

Also in July, the original hero in a half-shell is back, with all twelve tales of the adventures of the creature feature favourite Gamera (from 1965’s Gamera the Giant Monster to 2006’s Gamera The Brave).

The films trace the decades-long evolution of Gamera, from the “friend of all children” in his more light-hearted earlier films, to the Guardian of the Universe in the groundbreaking 1990s reboot series, often hailed as three of the best kaiju (monster) films ever made.

You can see them all on Arrow Video Channel - the home for weird and wild cult classics, newly-restored gems, and genre favourites, available on Apple TV and Amazon Prime Video (UK only).

Also debuting on the Arrow Video Channel in July are:


Key Talent: George Romero (Dawn of the Dead), Stephen King (Carrie, The Dead Zone)

Horror maestros Romero and King are together again, in this wildly enjoyable follow-up to their 1982 anthology hit, this time featuring young hoodlums, horny teens and an uptight businesswoman getting their just desserts, in all manner of ghoulish and ghostly going-ons.


Key Talent: Nico Mastorakis (Director, Island of Death), Rajinikanth (Kabali, Enthiran)

Buckle up from some B-movie mayhem from genre film luminary Nico Mastorakis, featuring a stellar performance by legendary Tamil superstar Rajinikanth in his first English-language role, in an action-packed romp full of thrills, kick-ass one liners and venomous cobras!


Key Talent: Mike Hodges (Director, Get Carter, Flash Gordon), Rosanna Arquette (Pulp Fiction), Tom Hulce (Amadeus)

Mike Hodges’ underappreciated chiller, starring Rosanna Arquette as a clairvoyant whose visions start to predict a series of deadly events, is a superbly eerie and entertaining gothic tale of suspense and the occult, presented here in a stunning director-approved restoration.


Key Talent: Nagisa Oshima (Director, Empire of Passion, Gohatto), David Bowie (The Man Who Fell To Earth), Tom Conti (Shirley Valentine), Takeshi Kitano (Battle Royale)

David Bowie is in mesmerizingly good form in Nagisa Oshima’s 1983 Palme d’Or-nominated World War II prisoner-of-war classic, featuring a memorably haunting, BAFTA-winning score by Ryuichi Sakamoto, and a breakthrough role for the legendary Takeshi ‘Beat’ Kitano.

Arrow Video Channel’s curated picks of July:


If the long lockdown and the summer heat have left you feeling somewhat lethargic and inert, the Arrow Video Channel have just the thing - a selection of extreme cinema from Asia that will sharpen your mind, shock your senses and sizzle your nerve endings. Among these morsels of Eastern excess are Takashi Miike’s extraordinary and unsettling Audition, about a widower whose attempts to find a new wife have unexpectedly excruciating results; the hide-behind-the-sofa Ringu films; Chan-wook Park’s classic revenge thriller, the bloody and brutal jaw-dropper Oldboy; 2001’s attack of the internet sci-fi horror Pulse; the no-holds-barred action thriller Tokyo Fist; Battle Royale - that makes The Hunger Games look like a quiet picnic in the woods; and Horrors of Malformed Men, that does what it says on the tin!

Audition - UK/US
Oldboy - UK
Battle Royale - UK
Zombie for Sale - UK/US
Ringu - UK/US
Ringu 2 - UK/US
Ringu 0 - UK/US
Spiral - UK/US
Dark Water - UK/US
Pulse - UK
The Happiness of the Katakuris - UK/US
Horrors of Malformed Men - UK/US
The Vampire Doll - UK/US
Lake Of Dracula - UK/US
Evil of Dracula - UK/US
Blind Woman's Curse - UK/US
Wolf Guy - UK/US
Tetsuo:The Iron Man - UK/US
Tetsuo II: Body Hammer - UK/US
Killing - UK/US
Bullet Ballet - UK/US
Kotoko - UK/US
A Snake of June - UK/US
Tokyo Fist - UK/US
Vital - US


If you sometimes find yourself wishing for simpler, more innocent times - times when demons lived in the attic, body parts were cooked in the microwave, gangsters were fed into meat mincers and campers got their heads lopped off - then you’ve come to the right place, with the Arrow Video Channel’s collection of blood-splattered horror classics from the decade that good fashion sense forgot, the 1980s! Among the deliciously demented offerings are the first two soul-tearing Hellraiser films, from master of the macabre Clive Barker; a summer camp prank going horribly wrong in the gory slasher classic The Burning; chainsaw terror in the outrageously bloody Pieces; kids running amok in the ultra-disturbing low budget spine-tingler Bloody Birthday; while ancient demons run amok in another Clive Barker creation, Rawhead Rex; and revenge is the name of the game in the controversial grindhouse epic The Exterminator.

The Burning - UK
Demons - UK
Rawhead Rex - UK
Bride of Re-Animator - UK/US
Society - UK/US
The Mutilator - UK/US
Maniac Cop - UK
Pieces - UK
Hellbound: Hellraiser II - UK/US
Slaughter High - UK
House - UK/US
Creepshow 2 - UK/US
Elvira: Mistress of the Dark - UK/US
Bloody Birthday - UK/US
Hellraiser - UK/US
Doom Asylum - UK/US
Brain Damage - UK/US
Microwave Massacre - UK/US
House II: The Second Story - UK
The Initiation - UK
Return of the Killer Tomatoes - UK
Demons 2 - UK
Satan's Blade - UK
Blood Rage - UK/US
The Exterminator - UK

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About the Arrow Video Channel

The ARROW VIDEO CHANNEL gives cult movie fans the opportunity to watch a wide selection of movies that the ARROW VIDEO brand has been famous for – personally curated by members of the Arrow team. From horror to sci-fi, thrillers to westerns, the ARROW VIDEO CHANNEL is home to cutting edge cult and undiscovered gems such as Takashi Miike’s Audition, Wes Craven’s seminal masterpiece The Hills Have Eyes, George A. Romero’s contagion classic The Crazies, Edwin Brown’s slice-and-dice staple The Prey and so much more. In the coming months the ARROW VIDEO CHANNEL will be adding cult classics from Italy including Dario Argento’s Tenebrae and American made horrors such as, The Deeper You Dig, Children of the Corn and Lake Michigan Monster. In addition to crowd pleasing cult movies on the service, the ARROW VIDEO CHANNEL will continue to give you an exclusive platform to brand new genre as part of a new global strategy.

The ARROW VIDEO CHANNEL also hosts a growing collection of documentaries, interviews and never-before-seen content from the Arrow Video archives, as well as newly produced material. These documentaries will breathe new life on the ARROW VIDEO CHANNEL, giving movie fans an immersive look into the creation of many cult movie classics such as Donnie Darko and Hellraiser. The service will be updated regularly with new content, new curation focus and never-before-seen content, all hand-picked by the Arrow Video team.



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1st July, 2020