“A thrilling, brutal, gory 80’s throwback”

Arrow in the Head
Out on:Download 30th March 2018
DVD 9th April 2018

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A hair-raising homage to the grindhouse slashers, Terrifier is a thrilling, gory horror that introduces a new murderous icon in the form of Art the Clown. Set to haunt nightmares for many years to come, Art is an unstoppable force who will slay anyone who gets in his way - and he doesn’t go easy on the grue.

Key talent:

Writer & Director
Damien Leone (All Hallows’ Eve)

David Howard Thornton (TV’s Nightwing: Escalation, TV’s Gotham)
Jenna Kanell (The Bye Bye Man)
Catherine Corcoran (Return to Nuke ‘Em High Vol. 1)
Katie Maguire (TV’s LI Divas, All Hallows’ Eve)


Terrifier is the story of the maniacal Art the Clown, who terrorizes three young women on Halloween, butchering everyone who stands in his way. In grand Halloween tradition, we see the night he came home in all its gory glory, in a place where nobody floats and everyone dies. Art really is the clown who will haunt your nightmares.

We like it because:

Terrifier truly does live up to its name, causing us to hide behind our hands at more than a few moments. With Art the Clown, Damien Leone really does have an icon in the making with the potential to break out. Forget Pennywise, this maniac clown is an absolute work of horror Art.

In Terrifier, Leone pays homage to gory horror classics, really going all out on the viscera as his actors are stalked, hacked and slashed by the most fear-inducing clown to grace film. He’s played to perfection by David Howard Thornton, who doesn’t let a single sound escape his lips. Instead, Thornton’s Art is all creepy movements and sinister smiles that will stay with you long after the film is finished.

The plot is the perfect foil for Leone’s brutal murder set pieces as two women catch Art’s evil eye while they try to get home from a Halloween party. Thus begins a night of terror as the clown kills anyone who comes between him and them. It’s popcorn horror at it’s best and will keep you gripped right up to the grisly finale. The gore effects are more than enough to keep horror hounds satisfied and the murders definitely go to some unexpected places, keeping even the most jaded genre fans happy. Art doesn’t care who he kills as he pursues his targets, and he is deliciously cruel, viciously butchering his victims without wasting time on wisecracks - staying silent and creating horror Art.

We honestly thought we’d seen it all, but Terrifier has shown us there’s life in the killer clown genre yet.

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Editor's Notes:

Terrifier has screened at the following festivals:

FrightFest Halloween (UK)
PanicFest (US)
Telluride Horror Show (US)
Scary Movies X (US)
Popcorn Frights Film Festival (US)



Signature Entertainment
Release date
9th April, 2018
Digital release
30th March, 2018


Damien Leone
  • David Howard Thornton
  • Jenna Kanell
  • Catherine Corcoran
  • Katie Maguire