Out on:4K 25th Sept. 2023
Blu-Ray 25th Sept. 2023
DVD 25th Sept. 2023

U-571, making its UHD debut in a stunning new 4K restoration, is the intense Oscar-winning World War Two action thriller based on a true story, directed by Jonathan Mostow (Breakdown) and starring an outstanding A-list cast including Oscar winner Matthew McConaughy, Oscar nominee Harvey Keitel, Bill Paxton and Jon Bon Jovi.

The film, which won an Oscar for Best Sound Editing, is a nerve-shredding experience in a fantastic new 4K restoration, and the release is packed with extras including a director’s commentary, featurettes and interviews, allowing you to take a deep dive behind the scenes.

STUDIOCANAL will release a new 4K Ultra HD Edition, Blu-ray and DVD on September 25th.

A team of U.S. soldiers are sent on a mission to sneak aboard a disabled German U-Boat (a submarine) to steal an encryption device that would give the Allies the edge they need to win the war. What they don’t know is... Germans are on their way to answer the S.O.S. as well...

Behind the Scenes
Featurette: Construction of U-571
Featurette: Capture of U-110
Interview with Jonathan Mostow
Interview with Matthew McConaughey
Interview with Jon Bon Jovi
Interview with Bill Paxton
Audio Commentary with director Jonathan Mostow

U-571 is available on 4K UHD, Blu-ray, DVD and Digital from 25th September and is available to pre-order.

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Studio Canal
12 (UK)
Release date
25th September, 2023
4K release
25th September, 2023


Jonathan Mostow