If it is entertaining - we represent it.

Welcome to Fetch Publicity and our online site which we will be developing in the coming weeks and months to become your one-stop shop to get all the materials you need for your media outlet when covering our titles.

Fetch has been set up by Almar Haflidason and Lisa DeBell - both well-established names in the world of PRing some of the most enjoyable, compelling and occasionally far-fetched entertainment titles you will ever come across!

We like to keep things friendly so from tiny sites to big important shows on TV we aim to treat everyone the same and get you what you need - but do bear with us and don't be afraid to give us a nudge as we set up and get our systems into place.

Joining us for our evangelical mission to spread the good work on darned fine entertainment are Sarah Wharton, Sam Jones and Kyle Daniels who look after our social media side.

More information will follow but do keep popping by our site and please add our e-mail addresses to your address book: Almar@fetch.fm and Lisa@fetch.fm. Don't be a stranger and most of all… when you see our e-mail in your inbox it's a good bet that what we have got to tell you is plenty more interesting than the e-mails from other PR companies so click on us first!

Us helping launch The Raid to the UK!

To the left of the poster Lisa DeBell with the amazing star of The Raid Iko Uwais and to the right Almar Haflidason and next to him director of The Raid Gareth Evans.