Deception hits home.

Out on:DVD 28th Aug. 2017
Download 28th Aug. 2017
VOD 28th Aug. 2017

Fast sell:

Gina Gershon and Nicolas Cage team up for for this nail-biting unwanted guest thriller in the vein of Fatal Attraction and The Hand That Rocks The Cradle.

Key talent:

Gina Gershon (Showgirls, Bound)
Nicolas Cage (Con Air, The Rock)
Nicky Whelan (Hall Pass, Left Behind, TV’s Neighbours)
Faye Dunaway (Network, Bonnie and Clyde)
Natalie Eva Marie (WWE star Eva Marie)
Chloe King (writer Red Shoe Diaries)


Brian and Angel seem to have it all - a beautiful baby, a loving relationship and an enviable house. When they let single mother Katie into their home, they think they are helping a troubled woman rebuild her life.

Angela and Katie bond: Angela opens her soul to her new friend, but Katie is reluctant to talk about her own past. As Katie moves into the guest house, and becomes part of the household, Angela discovers Katie’s very dark secret - one that threatens to tear her family apart.

We like it because:

‘I feel like I’m part of the family’

Recalling 1990s classics like Single White Female and The Hand That Rocks The Cradle, INCONCEIVABLE is a smart, taut thriller about a woman who is not all she seems to be, invading the lives of a seemingly perfect family.

Gina Gershon, star of cult favourites Showgirls and Bound, is outstanding as a new mother whose life is thrown into turmoil when she befriends Katie (Nicky Whelan, Hall Pass). Screen superstar Nicolas Cage (Ghost Rider, The Rock) commands the screen as beleaguered father Brian. Oscar-winning Hollywood legend Faye Dunaway rounds out the top notch cast for this sleek, thrilling nail-biter.

The script (by Red Shoes Diaries writer Chloe King) packs an erotic charge, as Katie uses her seductive wiles to unsettle Angel and Brian, and director Jonathan Baker ratchets the tension as it becomes apparent Katie is a devious, dangerous, potentially murderous person to have around. Featuring a wicked twist that you won’t see coming, INCONCEIVABLE is gripping, discomforting slice and of suburban paranoia.



Arrow Films
Release date
28th August, 2017
Digital release
28th August, 2017