Bonded By Blood 2

Truth is bloodier than fiction

Out on:Download 15th May 2017
Blu-Ray 22nd May 2017
DVD 22nd May 2017

Fast sell:

Sawn-off shotguns, strip clubs and dodgy deals are the name of the game as a new firm take over in Essex, in this blood-soaked sequel to the gangster hit featuring the cream of young British acting talent, including Sam Strike and George Russo, and the screen debut of stunning glamour model and tabloid favourite Casey Batchelor.

Key talent:

George Russo (Top Dog, Turnout)

Terry Stone (Bonded By Blood, Rise of the Footsoldier)

Josh Myers (Ripper, Anti-Social)

Sam Strike (Leatherface, EastEnders)

Casey Batchelor (Celebrity Big Brother)

Martin Delaney (Zero Dark Thirty, Now You See Me 2)

Dani Dyer (We Still Kill The Old Way, Vendetta)

Chris Ellison (Buster, The Bill, We Still Steal The Old Way)

Kirk Norcross (TOWIE, Ex on the Beach)

Greg Hall (Director, Dangerous Mind of a Hooligan)

Jonathan Sothcott (Producer, We Still Kill The Old Way, Vendetta)


The infamous Rettendon Range Rover murders - the culmination of a bloody drug gang war - has left a power vacuum in the Essex criminal underworld. A new gang move in to take up the mantle - they’re younger, leaner and more ruthless and ferocious than what has gone before. But their fast rise to the top and their simmering egos mean it isn’t their old school rivals they need to worry about - but each other.

We like it because:

Based on the bestselling book by acclaimed true crime writer, and one of the last surviving Essex Boys, Bernard O’Mahoney, Bonded By Blood 2 is the real deal - a gritty British gangster film following on from where the first film left off, introducing a ruthless new criminal gang who don’t do things by halves. The film also sees the stunning screen debut of model and Celebrity Big Brother contestant Casey Batchelor, adding some much needed glamour to the mix.

Produced by Brit crime flick supremo Jonathan Sothcott (Vendetta, We Still Kill The Old Way), Bonded By Blood 2 is even more violent, foul-mouthed and action packed than its predecessor, and, stylishly directed by Greg Hall (who made the award-winning The Plague), it’s a cut above the usual thugs ‘n drugs fare. The superb cast includes fast rising British talents George Russo (Top Dog) as the charismatic gang kingpin, Josh Myers as a loose cannon with a short fuse, and Sam Strike (soon to be seen in franchise horror Leatherface), excellent as a young thief eager to be accepted into the gang; as well as Rise of the Footsoldier star Terry Stone, a rave culture legend turned actor who delivers a superbly menacing performance, reprising his role as the notorious Tony Tucker from the first film; and TOWIE’s
Kirk Norcoss, swapping the Sugar Hut for a sawn off, and showing he’s not just a pretty face.

All the more hard-hitting for being based on a real story, Bonded By Blood 2 is a brutal, bloody blast, chock-full of firearms, hardmen and proper naughty behaviour, making this another must see from the prolific Sothcott stable.

Hot Quotes:

“A British gangster classic” Daily Sport



Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment
Release date
22nd May, 2017
Digital release
15th May, 2017


  • George Russo
  • Terry Stone
  • Josh Myers