End of a Gun

Where justice prevails!

Out on:DVD 10th July 2017
Download 10th July 2017

Fast sell:

Legendary action superstar Steven Seagal stars as a mall cop you wouldn’t want to mess with, in a lean and mean thriller that sees him going up against a drugs kingpin in a non-stop barrage of shootouts, car chases and jaw-dropping action delivered only the way ‘The Master of Aikido’ can!

Key talent:

Steven Seagal (Above The Law, Nico, Under Siege)
Florin Piersic Jr (Youth Without Youth)
Jade Ewen (Tracey Ullman’s Show)

Keoni Waxman (Maximum Conviction, The Keeper, Hunt To Kill)


When Decker, a highly skilled ex-DEA agent, crosses paths with Lisa (Jade Ewen), she approaches him with a seductive proposition: help her steal two million dollars from a drug kingpin’s car, guarded by Parisian Police, and share in the bounty. But, even if they outrun the cops, can they outgun the hit squads sent by the furious, sadistic drug lord to reclaim the loot?

Starring action superstar, Steven Seagal (Under Siege, Above The Law) End Of A Gun is a sexy, high-stakes thriller, proving when games begin, there’s only one way it ends...

We like it because:

“Trouble always comes in a small black dress”

Sporting his trademark shades and goatee, action superstar Steven Seagal stars here as a former federal agent who needs to dust off his skills once more - and does so in spectacular style.

Seagal - who has honed his tough-guy-in-a-regular-job routine to perfection - is on top form, dispensing villains and one-liners with aplomb. Former Sugababes singer Jade Ewen is a real find in her first major film role, adding glamour, and mystery, as a devious femme fatale who embroils Seagal in a dangerous mission that puts them both in the firing line.

Written by a former federal agent, Chuck Hustmyre, whose script has a gritty, realistic edge, and directed with flair by frequent Seagal collaborator Keoni Waxman, End Of A Gun features car chases, shoot-out and stand-offs… and Seagal centre stage, wreaking havoc against the bad guys. This is a sleek, slick, twisty and action-packed thriller, that delivers the goods faster than a speeding bullet.



Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment
Release date
10th July, 2017
Digital release
10th July, 2017


Keoni Waxman
  • Steven Seagal
  • Florin Piersic Jr
  • Jade Ewen