The Marker

A saint has a past. A sinner has a future

Out on:DVD 9th Oct. 2017
Download 9th Oct. 2017
VOD 9th Oct. 2017

Fast sell:

Mona Lisa meets Kill List in this brilliantly dark and moody British crime thriller, starring Four Wedding’s John Hannah like you’ve never seen him before.

Key talent:

John Hannah (Four Weddings and a Funeral, The Mummy)

Frederick Schmidt (Starred Up, Snow in Paradise)

Ana Ularu (Chosen, Inferno)

Jack McMullen (The Knife That Killed Me, Common)

Struan Rodger (Chariots of Fire, Kill List)

Simon Lowe (Nowhere Boy, EastEnders)

Cathy Tyson (Mona Lisa, Band of Gold)

Richard Holmes (Producer, Jawbone, 45 Years)

Justin Edgar (Director, We Are The Freaks)


Marley Dean Jacobs comes out of prison with one thing on this mind - to find and take care of the girl whose mother he killed during a botched job for gang boss Brendan Doyle. Haunted by the ghost of the dead woman, Marley’s noble intentions are hindered by Doyle trying to lure him back into a life of crime.

We like it because:

“Stop lying to yourself - you’re an evil bastard.”

Reminiscent of Neil Jordan’s crime classic Mona Lisa, with a criminal trying to redeem himself after getting out of prison, and recalling the gritty, unnerving feel of Ben Wheatley’s cult hit Kill List (and featuring performances from brilliant Brit actors from both those films, Struan Rodger and Cathy Tyson), The Marker is a stunning, singularly dark excursion into the Birmingham criminal underworld that is not for the faint-hearted.

Frederick Schmidt - a Tom Hardy in the making - gives a superbly controlled performance as a man attempting to atone for his sins; while John Hannah, fondly remembered for his role in Four Weddings and a Funeral, quickly obliterates all memories of that film as Schmidt’s blisteringly vicious nemesis.

Writer director Justin Edgar keeps a tight hold on proceedings as Schmidt’s plans to make amends starts to unravel, imbuing the film with a palpable, discomforting sense of dread and menace, and ramping up the tension to deliver a powerful, violent and hard-to-take-your-eyes-off thriller.

The Marker is an impressive addition to the recent slew of fiercely impressive British crime films including Hyena, Starred Up and Snow in Paradise. But be warned - you’ll never look at John Hannah in the same way again.

Hot Quotes:

“Shocking, dark and beautiful... astounding” The DreamCage

“A well-crafted noir thriller” The Wee Review

“Schmidt is a brooding presence in the lead role”



Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment
Release date
9th October, 2017
Digital release
9th October, 2017


  • John Hannah
  • Frederick Schmidt
  • Ana Ularu
  • Jack McMullen
  • Struan Rodger